It’s National Tell a Fairy Tale Day


     I’m not one for keeping up with the National___fill in the blank__Day, so I was caught off guard when I found out today was National Tell a Fairy Tale Day.  I was also a bit remiss to find out Sunday was National Sticky Bun Day, but that’s another story.  I’m a big fan of fairy tales, in fact my blog, The Nightingale Tales, was partly inspired by The Nightingale by Hans Christian Anderson.


     I grew up having the classics read to me by my mother, and in turn have passed them onto my own three children.  Today we celebrate the authors and interpreters of our past including: Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Anderson, The Brothers Grimm, Joseph Jacobs, Aesop, and the anonymous author of 1001 Nights translated by Richard Burton to name a few.

     Because the classics are well..classic, it’s hard to think they can be improved upon, and obviously we’re not going to try and rewrite the original versions, but reimagine them, well that’s how the fractured fairy tale was born, and I’m a big fan.  Fractured fairy tales give modern day authors a chance to make their own mark on their favorite childhood stories, and with so many talented writers each story has the potential to be fresh and the options for storytelling are endless.


images            imagesJacket.aspx

     I had a little fun writing one of my own fractured fairy tales (The Full Worm Moon) based on the craziness of the full moon and how it affected my fairy tale hospital.

     I hope you all have a very Happy Tell a Fair Tale Day, and get out there and share some of your favorites with the people you care about.  Or perhaps just sit quietly with a nice cup of coffee and some left over Sticky Buns and read some to yourself!

Here are a few links I found to some interesting fairy tale websites:




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