The Stuff that Dreams are made of by John Anster Fitzgerald

I am a Nightingale through and through. I have tales to tell, and the night rules my day. I am a lady with a lamp, and a bird with a song. Time is my only enemy. I am a mother of three, a wife of one, and a nurse of many. Storytelling is my hobby, and my passion. I am not limited to truth or fiction, and my pen is mightier than my tongue, unless perhaps I have had one too many libations. I am a quiet observer, but a fierce defender. I believe winter is for Gigondas, and down blankets. I favor two wheels to four. I have several loves that guide my life and make me smile: I love when my youngest son hugs me and I feel his little hands patting my back, I love that my husband laughs at all my jokes, I love the sound of my oldest son’s laughter when he finds his little brother amusing, I love the graceful way my daughter skims across the water, I love being a mother, I love working with wonderfully, funny, strong women, especially in an emergency (Fio), I love making cakes, and I especially love to write.

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