8th Annual Holiday Contest Stories

Unfortunately my grad school final paper took up all of my free writing time this past week, and I was unable to get a story together for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 8th annual Holiday Writing Contest. After submitting a 28 page grant proposal writing a 250 word short story should have been a piece of cake right?

Now that this semester is officially over, I at least have some free time to pour a hot cup of coffee (or cocoa), bake something yummy, sit by the fire, and read some amazing Holiday stories. Sound like fun? Come join me here and we can read together.

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “8th Annual Holiday Contest Stories

  1. Congratulations, Jean…what was your major in grad school? And how nice of you to post the link to Susanna’s contest, even though you didn’t write a story. I’ve been traveling from blog to blog, trying to read them all…lots of fun!


    • Thank you Vivian. I am working on my Master’s in Nursing Education. I graduate in the spring. Reposting for Susanna is the least I can do. I really wanted to write this story…perhaps next year.


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