I started this series on my other site, but I think it really fits in with The Nightingale Tales too. I will repost this series each Friday. Hope you enjoy.

Hi and welcome to my Friday series titled The Hairbag Poet. A few weeks ago, around Thanksgiving, I was talking with my very talented sister-in-law (Cherise) about collaborating on an idea I was working on. Cherise is a very artistic, and intelligent woman, and has many talents, but her photography is stunning. Her pictures are […]

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Madness Poetry Round 2

Well I’m excited to announce that I made it to Round 2 in the March Madness Poetry Competition! Head on over here to read some great poems and place your vote!  This has been such a fun experience; there are so many talented writers, and amazing poems to read.


Madness Poetry

I’m so excited to announce that I will be competing in the 2018 March Madness Poetry competition beginning TODAY!  64 Authletes (Writer athletes) will be competing against each other for the title, and the grand prize: The Thinkier trophy pictured above.  Head over today and sign up to read, vote, and have fun!

The match up brackets mimic basketball’s March Madness brackets. The Authletes are provided a single vocabulary word (think SAT/GRE Vocab.) and must create a poem suitable for children, within a defined character limit (Not Easy!). This is my first year entering and I am so excited, and nervous. There is so much great talent participating. I will be writing under my proper name: Jean O’Connor

Wish me luck!




Valentiny Winners!

The Valentiny winners have been chosen and I’m so happy for the winner Mary Warth with her amazingly well written, piece titled “Red” (my personal favorite).  If you haven’t had a chance to read it, I’ll post it below since I don’t think Mary has a website.  I’m proud to say my story The Princess Frog won honorable mention.  Thank you to Susanna and her judges for all their hard work and dedication. If you want to see the list of the all the winners go here. Until next year…


She read my face,

with just one look.

My bright red face-

an open book!

Red cheeks

Red chin

Red neck

Red nose.

She read my face

And now she knows.

I sent the card,

without my name.

but now my face

takes all the blame.

Red hearts

Red paint

Red “X”

Red “O”s

She read them all

And now she knows.

I hope that what my good friend read,

will please, please stay inside her head!

She gave a nod, a smile, a wink.

My bright red face cooled down to pink.


Valentiny Writing Contest 2018

It’s time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 3rd annual Valentiny writing contest. Not sure what a Valentiny is?  Well you can find out all about it here.

The theme is hope.  Now, who doesn’t feel a little hopeful around Valentine’s Day.  I know what I’ll be hoping for…Diamonds? Chocolate? A new motorcycle? A great idea for a Valentiny story?

What will you be hoping for?




Storystorm 2018

Storystorm time is here!  What is that you ask?  Why it’s Tara Lazar’s annual writing inspiration…30 ideas in 30 days.  Head over here to learn all about it and to register.  You only have until January 9th before registration is closed.  It’s a new year, and time for new story ideas.  Join in on the fun, and who knows, you may just have a book idea when your done.  Good luck to all the entrants.  Happy New Year, and Happy Writing!