March 2nd, is Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and to celebrate, the #50preciouswords contest is now open.  Don’t know what the #50preciouswords contest is, then head on over to Vivian Kirkfield’s website here to read all about it.

Dr. Seuss was not immune to writing challenges either, and was dared by Bennett Cerf, his editor at Random House, to write a story using no more than 50 unique words (not the word count). The result: Green Eggs and Ham.


Thank you Vivian for all that you do to support the kid lit community. You are a true inspiration!

Here is my STEAM story at 48 words:

Quaking Bog

Warmed by a sunrise,
shivered in fog,
on a great golden pond,
floats a great quaking bog.

 The bog is a fragile wetland display
of how to preserve
instead of decay,
but beware of this quivering, quaking like glen
’cause it’s known to have swallowed,
and mummified men.




6 thoughts on “#50preciouswords

  1. This is fabulous, Jean!!! I love the rhyme and rhythm and the tone of the piece. Well done! I think this could be a book with a few different ecosystems described. Or, a nonfiction narrative if you have a story about someone who was found mummified in a bog…of course, I don’t know what age that would be appropriate for…but it would make a great story.

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    • Thank you so much Vivian. I just fell in love with the name Quaking Bog when I was vacationing in Maine where they actually exist. My cousin, who is an environmental scientist, brought me to see one, and taught me about them. I would love to expand on this!


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